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Conditioned Training

Conditioned Training was set up by Steve Bannister in 2010 during his finals at Leeds University. By 2011 Conditioned Training saw a substantial growth in its personal training clients, schools and sports clubs. As a solution to the ever growing demand of our training concepts, Steve opened The Fitness Rooms at the White Hart Hotel.


It has been here over the last 3 years that the team at Conditioned Training has grown to four trainers, each offering a variety of training concepts and each trainer has their own unique interersts in the sporting world to give our clients and teams the best possible input into their training and conditioning.

Conditioned Training has been running since 2010 offering innovative, professional and cutting edge fitness works to individuals who either find it hard to start training or people who want to enhance their athletic performance.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Promote training for Speed, Strength, Power & Agility through professional, focused sessions.

Our Values

Our Values

No matter what your training goal, we will strive to create the best plan for you and endeavor to keep you on track.

Our Solution

Our Solution

We invest in top of the range equipment and training courses.


Innovative, professional and cutting edge fitness

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