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The Fitness Rooms
The Fitness Rooms
The Fitness Rooms
The Fitness Rooms

Services we offer

  • Fit For Life

    General weight loss, toning & nutritional guidance implemented alongside an achievable training programme with our trainers.
  • Muscle & Size

    A challenging anabolic (building muscle) programme with tough goals and training concepts. We encourage you to set the goals yourself and we’ll strive to achieve that and more.
  • Military Training

    Steve is currently finishing off his selection process for the Royal Marines Reserves. If you want to be pushed and don’t mind getting muddy in the process, you’ll love this outdoor military style training.
  • High Intensity Training

    Get ready for some tough training! This method of training is for those of you who really want to be pushed and fancy a challenge! The results will be very rewarding when you start to see the lbs fall off and your fitness hitting the roof.
  • Mobility

    Ever fancy doing Pilates or Yoga and feel that you are not ‘bendy’ enough? Your Trainer shall talk and guide you through the science and methods behind increasing your mobility and flexibility. The results will decrease the chance of injury and increase movement and wellbeing.
  • Rehabilitation

    Had an operation? Going to have one soon and been given some dull exercises? Here at Conditioned Training we also specialize in pre and post operative rehabilitation. We use professional techniques that will help ease any pain, strengthen any weaknesses or alleviate those annoying impingements.
  • Sports Conditioning

    Steve & Jake implement very specific and professional training methods that they often practice with elite sports clubs and teams. If you or your son or daughter is to be the next superstar on the field or court; your trainer will start you on a very specific training plan guiding you through every week and month. Steve is the Lead Strength & Conditioner for Scottish Exiles in Eng & Wales overseeing U16.S-U20’S, comprising of 1800 athletes. Previous Clubs he has worked with are the Leeds Rhinos Academy & Bradford Bulls 1st Team.
  • Weight Loss

    Through professional guidance and your determination, we will set you on the right path to achieve that beach or bikini body. Your Trainer will make sure these challenging sessions will be innovative and motivating so you do not reach the boredom phase of weight loss training.
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